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Thread: Eros of the Senses (By Ada Ador)

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    Eros of the Senses (By Ada Ador)

    The senses come alive in this bundle of five erotic short stories. Eros of the Senses is a celebration of the sensual world and all things natural. Readers are offered a wide spectrum of sexual exploration that crosses over into the realm of art—sex as an extension of pure instinct, unselfconsciousness, generosity and union. Hot, visceral and elegant, Eros of the Senses nourishes the body and the heart.

    Described as “just enough to get my juices flowing” and “surprisingly tasteful and classy," Eros of the Senses is sure to delight and kindle a spark in any relationship, including the one with yourself.

    BUY Eros of the Senses HERE:
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