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  1. Young Widow (Erotisch)

    A young woman loses her husband but gains his three kids. 29 year old Laurenna is lonely after her much older husband dies and she is left to love and take care of his, now her, three legal. Things get pretty intense and hot

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    Things had been tough for Laurenna since the death of her husband two years ago. She had married young to a man fifteen years her senior and now, at the ripe old age of twenty-nine, had inherited two teenage stepsons ...
  2. 21st Century Gladiators (Mark Andrews)

    Peter and Ann are taken by a modern-day gladiatorial entrepreneur. The newly married members of a kick-boxing school had been spotted by Jake Tompkins, who first investigated their background and then transported them to his private island.

    There they are modified and trained in the most brutal and sadistic form of unarmed fighting ever devised and, once trained, put on show to compete against other slave gladiators.

    They were also offered as sex-slaves to his clients, ...
  3. You`re Mine volume 1 (Jim Armstrong)

    Little did I realize how much my life would change when I set out for a day of golf. A thunderstorm changed my life forever and, even though I wound up in the hospital for a short time with some minor injuries, it turned out to be the most fantastic experience of my life.

    All my fantasies suddenly became realities and I reveled in my new found life as I moved from one wonderful experience to another satisfying my every sexual desire.

    Ed: You`re Mine" is hypnotic ...
  4. 2084 (Jack Norman)

    Jack Norman's futuristic vision and nightmarish update of Orwell's '1984', crammed with graphic bdsm action! Nobody can hear you scream in the Slavers’ Conditioning Tank!

    In the world after the apocalypse, Leila Ash is a privileged worker living under the claustrophobic high-tech protection of the Dome Township. Those on the environmentally-damaged Outside must fend for themselves, making the best of what is left after the mayhem. Slavery is institutionalised in the Dome and endemic ...
  5. Zack Attack (Fergie Boy)

    Everyone else thought Zack was a charmer when he came round to help his dad in the garden. But with Danny he was a bully and a terrible tease, tormenting the younger lad with his maturing body. As young adults they had drifted apart, until fate brings them together again in the dark of ‘The Bushes’ Brighton’s premier gay cruising spot. Naive young Danny finds himself in some serious trouble, but a knight in shining armour comes to his rescue. Was this fate? Or is something more sinister going on? ...
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